5-Way Solenoid and Proportional Valves

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The complete line of 5-way, 3-position cartridge valves is now available in standard 08 size and 10 size cartridges. Both the 57C/D and the 58C/D models feature a load-sense port which helps to simplify your hydraulic circuit while reducing your overall part count. Until now, if the directional function of a hydraulic circuit required load-sensing capabilities, a load-shuttle network or series of load-sense check valves were required to isolate each individual load. Using our new 5-way on-off and proportional directional valves, you can reduce the number of cartridges needed in load-sensing circuits, especially where the load-holding can be done by the directional valve. In applications where safety requirements do not require that load-holding be performed by the actuator ( i.e. when position does not need to be maintained over a long period of time and there are no overrunning load conditions) a closedcenter 5-way valve can be used to eliminate pilot-operated check or counterbalance.

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