Improving Operational Speeds in Agricultural Equipment

Broad adoption of electro-hydraulics in off-highway applications, such as agriculture, enables greater control and efficiency for equipment operators.

Model MH in-cylinder position sensor
Model MH in-cylinder position sensor

The past few years, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have made tremendous strides integrating advanced automation techniques into their machines. With the use of electronics and electro-hydraulics, every aspect of the machine operation can now be monitored and controlled, including: multifunction steering, implement depth, and even the suspension in the seat. These control improvements have shown measurable improvements in vehicle and operator productivity while reducing operating costs.

This greater control is possible due to a combination of broad base adoption of electro-hydraulics and improved performance of positioning sensors designed specifically for the off-highway market. The level of control offered by these sensors and electro-hydraulic systems can have dramatic effects on machine operations resulting in
faster positioning of a hydraulic cylinder at higher operational speeds. The resulting increased productivity provides significant benefits across the industry. Seeding, planting and fertilization are faster, more accurate, and produces less waste or overage. Harvesting is more efficient through greater control and the ability to automatically adjust to terrain, crop or weather conditions.