530-0100 e-FOB Transmitter

TriMark's e-ASK product line features the 530-0100 e-FOB Transmitter.

Eask Fobs Product 10231542
Trimarklo 10108220

TriMark's e-ASK product line features the 530-0100 e-FOB Transmitter.

  • Two button FOB and two button wall mount provides freedom of placement for remote
  • Two Button key head FOB packages the ignition key inside the FOB
  • Four Button FOB available in standard and cargo mode for traditional automotive features or independent control of main entrance vs. compartment doors; sustained mode is also available that provides a continuous output control for various auxiliary functions
  • Functional customization for controlling many auxiliary features or equipment, such as motor control, lighting, hydraulics or pneumatics
  • High security – code hopping technology offers reliable radio frequency (RF) transmission and is FCC-Part 15 certified
  • Durable design that is compliant for on-road or off-road environments
  • Customized fobs possible, specialized styling/tooling or buttons and logos graphics
  • Upgraded systems can include other user interfaces, such as keypads or RFID and additional security system peripherals
  • Kits are available and can include handles, latches and electronic accessories including custom wiring harnesses, relays, switches, door contacts, actuators, mounting hardware, sirens and lighting to provide a comprehensive electro-mechanical access solution.
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