RMP Security PulseCode Anti-Theft Lockout Switch

RMP Security's PulseCode Keyless lock systems utilize keyless control switch to keep vehicles and equipment machinery secure.

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RMP Security Inc announces that it has become the Master Distributor for PulseCode Keyless lock systems. PulseCode Switches are a security and access control switch system engineered with E-Lock technology. 

  • Eliminates open manual and keyed switches
  • Activator switch mounts inside a hidden compartment to prevent tampering and unauthorized use of equipment
  • Switch connects to the ignition circuit, fuel pump, transmission electronic linkage, trailer electric brakes on vehicles, trucks, buses, and vans to immobolize operation
  • Operates with remote keypad without direct contact between the activator switch and keypad
  • E-Lock technology uses an encrypted sequence of mechanical pulses transmitted by the keypad through a solid surface to the switch including through solid metal, wood, or glass
  • Switch opens or closes once it hears the correct code sequence
  • Billions of possible code combinations, never uses the same code twice, and impossible to imitate the keypad codes even by recording the code
  • Each authorized user has individual User Code and users can be added or deleted by simply changing codes
  • Programmable switches enable customization, such as times switches are permitted to operate, time switch is to disengage, code for one time user access, switch requires two codes to operate, and so on
  • Switch Audit Trail records all switch events by user code, date, and time to detect vandalism, tampering, theft, and unauthorized use
  • Audit Trail data assists in tracing misuse, tampering, damages, and losses
  • PulseCode switches mount on virtually any surface
  • Easy to wire to electrical power source circuit of electrical device being controlled
  • No RF, IR, or SAT signals for operations to be concerned about
  • PulseCode sofware suite manages audit functionality of entire lock and switch system by providing a complete database of locks, switches, keys, users and downloaded switch audit trail data of switch events
  • Various applications including on vehicles, forklifts, and trucks, heavy equipment, electrical machinery and motors, lighting and controls