ACS GEN6 Motor Controllers

Kollmorgen's compactly designed ACS GEN6 motor controllers provide performance while lowering electric vehicle ownership costs.

Kol535 Hires 10270507

Kollmorgen introduces ACS GEN6 Motor Controllers - the latest addition to the company’s ACS product family. ACS motor controllers are available in a variety of voltages (24, 36, 48, and 80V) and power levels (5-50kVA, 2min) to suit various types and sizes of electric vehicles.

  • Utilizes MOSFET technology
  • 47% smaller without any change to power rating
  • Reduces number of mechanical components for more compact design
  • Smaller size enables free range of placement within vehicle to reduce cabling and mounting costs
  • Software enables customization to meet specific requirements, while crucial firmware functionality remains untouched
  • Improved granularity and adjustability of event log allow detailed and accurate troubleshooting information to shorten vehicle downtime and minimize service costs
  • Meets quality standards of automotive and hybrid markets, and conforms to Automotive SPICE
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