Proportional Screw-In Valves With Slip-On Coil

Wandfluh introduces slip-on coils for its proportional screw-in valves to provide even more application flexibility.

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Wandfluh offers its proportional screw-in valves with slip-on coils. With the addition of the slip-on coil, the proportional screw-in cartridges have been made more flexible to fit a variety of systems.

  • Exchangeable coil simplifies logistics, enabling solenoid coil to be retrofitted

  • Improved solenoid coil increases performance of valve overall
  • Various plug and voltage options are available to meet individual applications
  • Operates in ambient temperatures up to 70 C
  • Features corrosion protection and some versions have a salt-spray resistance of over 500h
  • Available with the standard cavities M22 and M33 in accordance with ISO 7789
  • Applications include adjustment of pressure or volume flow, speed control of hydro-motors, cylinder control and positioning
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