Power Distribution Module Vehicle Control System

Murphy has expanded its line of integrated vehicle control options by developing the Power Distribution Module.

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Murphy has expanded its complete integration approach to both off-highway and on-highway vehicles with the introduction of the high-current I/O module, the Power Distribution Module (PDM). 

  • Gives users a simpler way to integrate multiple loads, switches and sensors into a control system 
  • Combines with full range of PowerView displays
  • Allows users to monitor up to 20 inputs and control 12 high-current switching outputs
  • Retrieves data from inputs – i.e. sensors, toggles, joysticks – and transmits information to be shown on operator display via CAN J1939 network
  • Handles basic logic functions as a standalone product and capable of complex logic programming in conjunction with a display or controller
  • Display or external controller can send commands to control corresponding outputs
  • 12 high-current outputs provide more power to support high-current loads, such as automation of hydraulic control systems and lighting circuits 
  • Directly switches various loads, such as coils and motors and users can remotely monitor and configure inputs and outputs 
  • I/O capabilities help users integrate enhanced diagnostics into vehicle control system
  • Integrating a wide range of sensors provides comprehensive view of vehicle functions which can help diagnose potential equipment malfunctions
  • For use in 12V systems and will be available for 24V systems
  • Fully-sealed enclosure protects against moisture ingress and completely eliminates need for both fuses and relays, simplifying wire harness construction
  • Provides current and EMF feedback for actuator protection and accuracy 
  • Features operating temperature of -40 C to 85 C (-40 F to 185 F)
  • Includes internally potted and sealed circuit board and sealed Deutsch connectors for improved durability and reliability
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