PLUS+1 Compliant Safety Controllers

Sauer-Danfoss introduces its PLUS+1 Compliant safety controllers designed to simplify compliance with functional safety standards.

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The latest series of Sauer-Danfoss PLUS+1 Compliant safety controllers offers functional safety capabilities to OEM designers of mobile off-highway vehicles worldwide. Designated SC024-010, SC024-020 and SC050-020, these devices simplify and streamline the application process, facilitating easier compliance with stringent functional safety standards.

  • Helps vehicle manufacturers meet European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Achieves SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level 2 according to IEC 61508) and PL-d (Performance Level d per ISO 13849-1) standards
  • Features improved functional safety capabilities
  • Includes two independent microprocessors with redundant control of each output
  • Integral safety layer software provides automatic fault detection monitoring, and enables programming of application-specific responses to fault conditions
  • Design architecture facilitates use of primary microprocessor for non-safety-critical applications, isolating control of safety functions in the secondary or safety microprocessor
  • GUIDE-programmable
  • Pin-for-pin compatible with equivalent Sauer-Danfoss MC controllers, requiring no wiring changes to transition from the standard controller to a safety controller
  • Includes larger memory capacity, higher environmental performance and enhanced input/output flexibility
  • Primary controller offers 512K of flash memory, while secondary controller provides 128K of flash memory
  • Operating temperature range up to 85 C
  • Some multifunction inputs can read 4-20 mA current, and digital inputs are digital/analog to facilitate smart digital inputs
  • Frequency range of PWM outputs has been expanded to 33-4,000 Hz or 20,000 Hz and supports separate PWM frequencies per channel
  • When a fault is detected, the controller can shut down individual outputs
  • Features configurable sensor power with a selectable range from 3 to 12V A 150 V/m EMI/RFI rating
  • Lower power mode enables application software to command internal power supplies to shut down when controller is idle
  • Capable of running on as low as 7V, providing the ability to stay on consistently through engine crank
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