SmarTemp Digital Bunk Thermostat

Webasto's SmarTemp Digital Bunk Thermostat work's with the company's Air Top 2000 ST bunk heater to provide ultra-precise temperature control.

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Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America has released its SmarTemp digital bunk thermostat, designed to work exclusively with Webasto’s Air Top 2000 ST bunk heater to deliver ultra-precise temperature control.

  • Designed to be a compact, easy-to-use, all-in-one temperature management system
  • Users can literally dial-in the temperature they want and the device does the rest
  • Standard comfort adjustments are as easy as turning the dial right for higher temperatures and left for lower temperatures
  • Once set, bunk temperature is precisely maintained, allowing drivers to focus on getting the rest and relaxation they need between shifts
  • Dial control provides effective and ergonomically pleasing user interface
  • Large, backlit LCD screen is easy to read and prominently displays the ambient bunk space temperature as well as the corresponding set temperature
  • Screen brightens while in use and automatically dims itself a few moments after interaction
  • Dial has tactile feedback with a one-click-to-one-degree ratio that makes adjustment easy to do in the dark, even without looking at the screen
  • User can easily toggle between menu options with just the push of a button, and once in the chosen menu, uses the dial to scroll up or down to the desired selection
  • Main menu preferences allow a user to quickly select the heat or ventilation mode, one of three languages and Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature scales
  • Main menu options allow users to select continuous or timed run times, low voltage disconnect thresholds, password protection and preventive maintenance reminders
  • Integrated panels softly glow red when in heating mode, blue when in ventilation mode and blink to indicate a diagnostic alert
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