JXM-TX5 Controller for Hydrostatic Drives

Jetter AG has released a controller for hydrostatic drives, the JXM-TX5, which features vibration and shock resistance for use in harsh operating conditions.

Jetter Jxmtx5controller 10941458

Jetter AG introduces the JXM-TX5, a versatile controller for hydrostatic drives.

  • Meets all requirements for use in harsh environments, such as vibration and shock resistance
  • Enclosure complies with the degree of protection IP68
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40 to 85 C
  • Communicates via two CANbus interfaces using CANopen and SAE J939 protocols
  • A permanent ECO mode reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption
  • Highly configurable and parameterizable and can therefore be customized to different load situations
  • Makes it possible to start on an incline, or drive in mountainous conditions fully laden or unladen, without the driving wheels locking up
  • ABS control unit can also be connected to the controller
  • Drive software enables comfortable jerk-free acceleration and deceleration
  • Trips at a constant diesel engine speed, as well as the speed-dependent adjustment of the hydro-pump and engine are also possible
  • Built-in load limit controller reliably prevents the diesel engine from stalling
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