RC4-5 32-Bit Controller

The RC4-5 controller from Bosch Rexroth includes a 32-bit processor and BODAS-service tool for FLASH programming and configuration.

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Founded on the unparalleled quality and innovation of BOSCH technology, Rexroth’s robust RC4-5 controller offers the optimal balance of power and flexibility to maximize both hydraulic component and overall system performance.

  • Offers four fast and accurate Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) driver outputs with closed-loop current control
  • Closed-loop current control compensates for the real world changes in voltage and resistance to provide repeatable performance from machine to machine, day-in and day-out
  • Adjustable parameters for solenoid current, linearization and PWM frequency enables easy adaptation to a wide variety of 12 and 24V electro-proportional components
  • Embedded software algorithms provides smooth and accurate performance
  • Provides flexible set of inputs and outputs to support a wide variety of work, travel, auxiliary and operator functions for system integration
  • Can be connected to many common sensors for force, speed, pressure, position and temperature measurement 
  • Two CANbus channels offer communication gateways to a wider array of devices including joysticks, displays and engines
  • Compact envelope of approximately 5 x 6 x 2 in. makes a good fit for mobile equipment where installation space is usually limited 
  • Features 80 MHz, high performance 32-bit processor
  • Easily handles multiple simultaneous complex control tasks
  • Software development is executed using standard C/C++ program language which leverages common knowledge and development tool chains already existing in industry
  • Includes Rexroth's C-API (C Application Program Interface) which encapsulates basic operations, fault detection, diagnostics and sophisticated control techniques for hydraulics in an easy-to-use library
  • C-API includes interface for Rexroth’s standard powerful mobile electronic support tool BODAS-service 
  • BODAS-service tool allows controllers to be FLASH programmed, configured, optimized, diagnosed and data logged in a user-friendly environment
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