Compact X20 Controllers with Integrated I/O

B&R introduces its line of compact X20 controllers featuring integrated I/O which are available in a wide range of variants with different levels of performance.

Br X20compactplc 11501703

B&R Industrial Automation Corp. has expanded the X20 system to include a series of compact controllers with integrated I/O.

  • Additional I/O modules can be connected either locally or remotely using cables
  • Available in a wide range of variants with different levels of performance and features
  • Comes equipped with 32 built-in digital and analog I/O channels and an x86 processor
  • Integrated POWERLINK, standard Ethernet, CAN, RS232 and USB interfaces are also available
  • Available with two different CPU frequencies: 200 MHz and 400 MHz
  • Depending on the variant, there is up to 256 MB RAM and 16 kB nonvolatile onboard RAM
  • Built-in flash drive with up to 4 GB is available for application and data storage
  • Equipped with Ethernet, USB and one RS232 interface
  • All CPUs can be upgraded with an interface module from the standard X20 product portfolio if additional fieldbus connections are needed
  • Does not require fans or batteries, and are therefore maintenance free
  • Thirty different digital inputs and outputs, and two analog inputs are integrated in the devices
  • Complemented by two variants with ultrafast reACTION technology which enables integrated I/O channels to be controlled with response times down to 1 μs using a function block library
  • Programming using the standard FBD editor in the B&R Automation Studio development environment is completely compliant with IEC 61131
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