VDM10 Valve Driver Module

OEM Controls' VDM10 valve driver module meets the needs of various proportional current valve configurations without having to keep multiple types of boards on hand.

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The VDM10 from OEM Controls was created to provide distributors with a programmable Valve Driver Module that can be stocked for a quick response to customer demands.

  • Provides customers with versatility and inventory of having only one board instead of many to meet all needs of different proportional current valve configurations
  • Can easily be programmed on site via on-board push buttons, LED bar graph and digital read-out
  • Features max current output up to 2,500 ma and adjustable frequency up to 250 Hz 
  • Power supply voltage range is 10 to 32V 
  • Frequency ranges from 40 to 250 Hz 
  • Offers maximum current output up to 2.5 amps and minimum coil resistance of 4 ohms 
  • Includes independent ramp up/down 
  • Three output ranges available (Set Creep, Mid and High range outputs ) 



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