TM4 NEURO 200 Controller for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

The TM4 NEURO 200 controller for electric and hybrid vehicles operates between 8 and 30V DC.

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TM4 is launching its fully programmable TM4 NEURO 200, an 80-pin rugged encapsulated controller designed specifically for electric and hybrid vehicles.

  • Engineered according to ISO26262 principles for the latest safety and quality standards
  • Capable of operating in harsh underhood vehicle environments
  • Significantly lighter and smaller than its predecessor
  • Incorporates the latest 300 MHz dual-core lock-step TI Hercules TMS570LC4 microcontroller
  • Operates between 8 and 30V DC
  • Optional features such as Wi-Fi, real-time clock and additional EEPROM are also available 
  • Provides economical prototyping to production through Simulink environment using TM4 SynApps development platform
  • TM4 SynApps development platform gives programmers complete development freedom
  • Operating in MATLAB/Simulink environment enables advantages of model-based design, such as simpler, faster development cycles and model re-use
  • Easy code generation aids rapid prototyping and reduces time-to-market by allowing fine-tuning of algorithms as needed
  • Allows wide range of development strategies, offering choice of a fully programmable controller or a turn-key product that is ready to be used on the vehicle
  • Users can optionally purchase specialized block sets for performance, comfort and drivability, as well as basic application software source code to save development time and costs
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