SKF LMC 301 Controller for Lubrication Applications

At bauma 2016, SKF introduced its LMC 301 controller which enables a single unit to manage up to nine lubrication zones for simplified system design.

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SKF announces the introduction of the LMC 301 controller for lubrication applications where sophisticated control and feedback are required.

  • For use with pumps that have no internal controller
  • Suitable for mobile, off-road, mining, construction and large process industries
  • Compatible with single-line, dual-line and progressive lubrication systems
  • Able to operate three different pumps, and each of those pumps can control up to three zones
  • Use of a single unit to manages up to nine separate zones reduces number of necessary controllers and system investment
  • Each pump can function as a different system type 
  • For systems with lubrication points requiring different lubrication intervals or varying types of grease
  • Handles multiple greases and diverse temperature ranges
  • Well suited for critical bearings where it is essential to know that they have been lubricated properly
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