Continental eHorizon Provides Predictive Driving for Commercial Vehicle Applications

Continental's eHorizon uses digital mapping via GPS to anticipate road changes and prepare the vehicle for the best approach to optimize fuel use and safety.

Continental E Horizon Dynamic
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Continental Commercial Vehicles & Aftermarket (CVAM), a business unit of Continental and a leading global supplier of systems and components to automobile and truck manufacturers and a world leader in Electronic Data Logging technology, brings predictive driving technology to commercial vehicles for optimum performance and safety. The Continental eHorizon System is an intelligent digital map that looks ahead and lets the vehicle see things before they come into the driver’s sight. Based on GPS, it can anticipate road changes such as an increasing uphill or downhill grade and properly prepare the vehicle for the best approach to optimize CO2 emissions, fuel mileage, and safety. Continental E Horizon Module

In addition to making driving safer and more efficient by letting the driver see what is around the next corner, eHorizon forms a basis for several new applications, from a connected powertrain through to automated driving, and will also enable an innovative and more efficient intelligent transportation system. eHorizon integrates topographical and digital map data with sensor data, namely GPS receivers, for predictive control of vehicle systems. As a cloud based software solution the data collected and analyzed can be used in different ways – from APIs over to fully integrated solutions such as static or dynamic eHorizon. With the eHorizon Road Database, Continental is able to deliver highly precise data on road geometry and street furniture collected by sensors on other vehicles. That data is used to generate highly accurate route data and is made available to all participating vehicles. The eHorizon technology is an important prerequisite to pave the road to highly automated driving.

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