RCT SmarTrack Fleet Management System

The RCT SmarTrack fleet management system tracks machine utilization and can be installed on a variety of equipment.

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RCT’s improved SmarTrack industrial fleet management system delivers relevant, easy to interpret data on all mobile and stationary equipment.

  • Data is delivered in real-time to any device with internet access
  • Can be installed on diverse range of industrial equipment including forklifts, trucks, buses, light vehicles, container stackers, straddle carriers and more
  • Tracks and identifies machine utilization, controls who accesses machines, and acts as a deterrent against machine abuse
  • Ensures only authorized users can utilize the machine
  • Now available with multilingual options for pre- and post-start checklist to ensure worldwide use
  • Improved charting dashboard provides users with all the information required to ensure fleet is running efficiently at all times
  • Ten different charting styles to choose from which generate relevant, visual reports and alerts that can easily be downloaded 
  • Offers battery monitoring, out-of-service and idle time status
  • Easy to install
  • Can be customized with various add-ons to address additional needs such as Engine Protection Systems, Seatbelt Controller and Speed Limiters
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