Kontron EvoTRAC P201 Data Logger

The new Kontron data logger can be used to optimize fleet operations, collecting essential in-vehicle data to reduce costs and maximize productivity.

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Kontron announces the release of its in-vehicle EvoTRAC P201 high-performance data logger.

  • Collects and stores large video imaging and associated data to the Cloud
  • Can be used to monitor essential in-vehicle information, helping operators reduce costs and maximize fleet productivity
  • Can easily be configured
  • Provides capabilities to perform wide variety of demanding data logging functions, such as real-time video playback and in-vehicle testing
  • Handles tracking and storage of vehicle sensor and vehicle operational parameters including fuel consumption, driver behavior, driving hours and speeds, maintenance alerts and emissions data
  • Features integrated Intel i7-4700EQ 4-Core processor
  • Easily accommodates multiple vehicle input connections in rugged, compact environment
  • Includes two SFP+ 10GbE interfaces and 2.5-in. (6.4 cm) ruggedized SSD Drive bay for up to three removable SSDs
  • Provides six 1GbE interfaces (M12 X-Coded) and six locking USB 3.0 interfaces
  • Integrated in-vehicle power supply offers wide input range and two 12V DC power outputs
  • Supports HDMI, GPIO and Audio interfaces for maintenance and other monitoring functions
  • Configured with open source Ubuntu 16.04 LTS software
  • Ready for use in wide range of in-vehicle applications  
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