Bosch Rexroth BODAS eDA

At bauma 2019, Bosch Rexroth will unveil its BODAS electronic drive controller eDA – an electronic control solution for hydrostatic travel drives.

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Bosch Rexroth
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With a specially-matched package of software and components, Bosch Rexroth offers an electronic variant of its hydraulic DA controls, known as the BODAS eDA, which are characterized by their driving comfort and reliability.

  • Suited for wheeled loaders, telescopic handlers and fork lift trucks, but also for many other applications
  • Includes electronic, speed-dependent control of hydrostatic gearboxes
  • Offers electronified solution for simpler drive architectures
  • Future-compatible and scalable control solution
  • Available either as a completely pre-programmed or as an open, extensible system
  • Graphic user interface, combined with practical user instructions, makes guided commissioning possible
  • Parameterization of preprogrammed functions is based on established physical parameters of the machine
  • Entire system is based on a structured, step-by-step optimization
  • Customers can easily integrate specific desired features, such as operating elements or functions regarding the travel drive, working hydraulics, or vehicle’s electrical system, or jointly develop them in cooperation with Rexroth
  • A4VG series 35 new pump generation is perfectly matched to the software
  • Combination of A4VG with A6VM variable displacement motor allows for an optimal system design
  • SRC-eDA electronic control unit of new series 40 serves as central interface of the software and all components
  • ECU can be freely positioned in vehicle and hosts the drive- and value-added-functions
  • Safety functions according to EN ISO 13849 standard
  • Specially-matched eDA package supports digital conversion of hydrostatic drives
  • Features such as ECO drive, inching, variable creeping mode, different driving modes or adjustable reversing behavior make it possible to construct innovative and future-compatible working machines
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