Proemion CANlink Mobile 3000

Proemion CANlink mobile 3000 features an integrated antenna and single plug to facilitate easy, plug and play installation.

Proemion Clm3000

Proemion introduces the CANlink mobile 3000 hardware unit which enables collection of all CAN data on heavy-duty mobile equipment. 

  • Robust and compact IP67 plastic housing suits use in construction and agricultural machinery as well as logistics fleets
  • Integrated antenna and single plug facilitate easy installation
  • Plug and play design for straightforward configuration
  • Embedded eSIM card with global roaming allows units to operate almost anywhere in the world
  • Some product variants offer additional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allowing local exchange of CAN data
  • All models equipped with trusted platform module to ensure secure communication with Proemion data portal
  • Data portal is a web-interface where all data is visualized, managed and sent directly to user, and allows users to interact with the hardware
  • TLS version 1.2 is used to protect data
  • Special security key is used when transferring new firmware to the device
  • Security concept verified by independent security experts
  • Cost-optimized design
  • Part of Proemion's Global Connectivity Solution telematics offering for mobile machine OEMs which provides useful insight to help make smart business decisions for growth
  • Solution consists of hardware, cloud-platform and DataPlatform to process, analyze and send collected data by CANlink mobile


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