World Ag Expo Uses GPS to Map Show Grounds

World Ag Expo has mapped its show grounds, using GNSS technology provided by Topcon, to better help attendees navigate the show.

World Ag Expo has precisely mapped nearly all of its 2.6 million square feet of show grounds using a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). The new technology has replaced the antiquated method of physically measuring and marking spaces for more than 1400 exhibitors since 1968.

Topcon Precision Agriculture (TPA), a global innovative positioning technology provider for precision farming, has provided its Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) survey equipment to map the grounds of the world's largest annual agricultural exposition.

"Topcon Precision Agriculture is enthusiastic both about 2012 World Ag Expo, and the opportunity to offer some of the latest advancements in improving the efficiency and productivity of agricultural equipment," says Michael Gomes, director of marketing, Topcon Precision Agriculture. "From automatic steering, through variable rate application and on farm GIS software, Topcon has a suite of products that help farmers become more profitable and efficient with their resources."

Since World Ag Expo began in 1968, spaces have been marked by volunteers who spent weekends measuring spaces by hand.

"We're pleased to have Topcon as our first-ever precision agriculture partner," says World Ag Expo's director of corporate partnerships, Stacey Beachy. "The technology used by Topcon on our show grounds allows us to provide exhibitors with an accurate measurement of their spaces-giving them the best opportunity to reach their audience at World Ag Expo."

The new method will considerably reduce the amount of time and labor required to prepare for the annual show. With the completion of the project in 2013, all of World Ag Expo's outdoor exhibit spaces will be precisely marked. Employing this new technology continues to make World Ag Expo a leader in the industry.