Upgraded Topcon Machine Control Software Now Available

Topcon announces the upgrade for its 3D-MC machine control software is now available.

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Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) announces that an upgrade to its 3D-MC machine control software – v10.0 for 3D-MC – is now available.

Mark Larranaga, TPS manager for construction software, says, “This new software upgrade allows a whole new range of machines to be controlled via the same 3D-MC software as used for dozers, graders and excavators.”

He says, “These include wide concrete pavers (dual Millimeter GPS or dual LPS), milling machines and trimmers (both dual Millimeter GPS), trimmers (dual Millimeter GPS) and curb and gutter machines (single Millimeter GPS).”

Additional upgrade highlights include:

  • Improvements to screen colors and fonts enhance visibility in bright sunlight.
  • View menu enhancement now makes it possible to set the color of the surface in section/profile views independently of the plan view color. The new version also enables grade transition markers on/off for both road and TIN surfaces.
  • Customization of information displayed for all types of stakeout (surface check, point staking, road staking) including content and size and color of text.
  • Quick selection of non-Topcon RTK base stations.
  • Improvements to the management of very large topo survey data sets and to auto-topo logging at high speed (up to five points per second).