Speakers at AUSTimber Will Focus on Precision Technology's Use in Forestry

Several speakers set to make presentations at AUSTimber 2012 will discuss the use of precision technology in forestry applications.

The AUSTimber 2012 ForestWorks Conference on March 29, 2012 has a theme ‘precision forestry in action.’ Organisers have secured speakers from around the world who are prepared to share their experiences applying precision technology to businesses and forestry agencies in a variety of different countries.

The speakers are professors, business owners, scientists, loggers, foresters, marketers and the countries represented include Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, North America, South Africa and Sweden.

The topics covered in the conference include the use of space science for the benefit of forestry investments, harnessing Google Earth and cloud computing to index trees worldwide, 3D modelling and all the new technology available to the industry.