Navistar Installing Rand McNally GPS Devices in Trucks

Navistar announces it will be installing Rand McNally's IntelliRoute TND GPS devices in its International trucks.

Rand McNally and Navistar, Inc. have reached an agreement to make Rand McNally's award-winning IntelliRoute TND truck GPS units available as an in-dash option in International trucks starting next year.  

Navistar manufactures International Truck and will begin offering an in-dash version of the high-definition, 7-inch, IntelliRoute TND 710 navigation unit for new truck production in January 2012. The in-dash units will include several customized screens as well as a listing of International Truck dealers and locations.

"Market research and direct feedback from our Customer Advisor Boards has consistently indicated that customers wanted a GPS option that was easy to use, durable, affordable, and which provided essential truck route specific mapping," says Steve Gilligan, Vice President, Product and Vocational Marketing, Navistar. "The Rand McNally unit met these requirements better than any of the other units that we have reviewed."

The custom version of the TND 710 will be available for new International trucks, Class 6 through 8: ProStar+, LoneStar, WorkStar, and DuraStar. The device also will be available for aftermarket installation at all International Truck dealer locations.

"We are very excited that International will offer the IntelliRoute TND in-dash option in its trucks," says Dave Muscatel, CEO of Rand McNally. "Their decision is validation of the quality of our product. We have a long history with International and are looking forward to working with them on this new initiative."

Pana-Pacific, an established preferred integrator and engineering partner in the commercial vehicle market, worked with Navistar to integrate the TND 710 into International trucks. This engineering collaboration involved incorporating the navigation unit into the instrument panel, providing a seamless factory install, as well as an aftermarket installation kit for vehicles already in the field.

"We are pleased that Navistar has helped bring this in-dash navigation system to market," says John Trenberth, President of Pana-Pacific. "We believe this is a great benefit for Navistar's customers, improving safety and efficiency."

Rand McNally's IntelliRoute TND device, which debuted two years ago, was the first navigation device built from the ground up for professional drivers. Today's IntelliRoute TND line of truck GPS products provide:

  • Truck-specific routing enhanced by Rand McNally's proprietary Truck Data.
  • Driver-set timers to easily understand how many hours are left in the drivers' day or week. When the driver is nearing the end of day, he or she can search for the nearest truck stop, choosing from over 70 amenities available – making the overnight stop as efficient as possible.  
  • Maintenance reminders that can be set to remind drivers to service their trucks on a timely basis. A driver can search for the closest service areas along their route for planned or emergency service.
  • Recording of miles by state or province. The driver can retain up to two years of data for fuel tax reporting and export the data to a spreadsheet on a personal computer.
  • Commercial-grade address book, with the ability to organize thousands of addresses in user-defined groupings.