Mobile Awareness announces TPMS software feature upgrade

Mobile Awareness has released a TPMS software upgrade for its MobileTRAQ monitors which enables touchscreen truck and trailer exchange capabilities.

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Mobile Awareness LLC, a provider of leading-edge transportation safety products, announces its first TPMS software feature upgrade: touchscreen truck and trailer exchange capability. Customers who have purchased MobileTRAQ monitors can download the upgrade for free. New shipped units will be sent with the software included.

This feature allows a driver to select from a drop down list of trailer assets to automatically exchange 'virtual trailers' and their corresponding tire sensors when physically switching trailers in the yard. This feature, the first of many that allows fleets and drivers to get a longer life out of their hardware purchase, makes it as easy as touching the monitor to change trailers from a list of those mounted with sensors. The system automatically 'disconnects' the old trailer and its sensors and starts recording and reporting the new trailer's sensors.

Other TPMS tire sensor systems require reprogramming each sensor and reloading the monitor when exchanging trailers, a process that can be time consuming and require special equipment. Others have no such capability and require the driver to physically move the sensors from the old tires to the new tires. "I hear stories about fleets using egg cartons to keep track of sensors as they remove them and quickly go to remount them on the new trailer," says Nico Cottone, VP-Business Development at Mobile Awareness. "With a touch of the screen we eliminate all these manual steps, saving time, frustration and money. A real win-win for the driver and fleet manager."