STW to highlight expanding telematics capabilities at CONEXPO

During CONEXPO 2014, STW Technic will exhibit its existing telematics platforms, as well as highlight advancements it will release in 2015.

Stw Technic Vds Diagnostics

STW, a pioneer in the development of telematics hardware modules, has developed a richly featured set of software tools to augment its hardware and is rapidly adding more functionality to facilitate development of sophisticated information applications for the off-highway vehicle marketplace.

STW’s ESX-TC3 and ESX-TC3G telematics modules offer robust, best-in-class electronic features for networking vehicles through cellular, wired and WiFi networks. The Linux-based system provides the ideal platform for telematics application development. STW has developed a software toolset, the Vehicle Data System (VDS) that provides a rich set of libraries and out-of-the-box applications. 

The first release of the VDS in 2013 included an application framework with the following key components, all of which are configurable or viewable through the web:

  • CAN freestyle, J1939 and GPS ‘readers’ that provide a configurable means to read and interpret data from a vehicle or machine
  • A library of pre-configured J1939 PGNs/SPNs
  • A logger function that allows a user to create and configure logging and assign any of the variable from the readers to be logged
  • A diagnostics web function that allows creation of a set of analog and digital gauges and LEDs that can be mapped to any of the reader variables for real-time viewing. Individual diagnostics set-ups, or ‘projects’, can be created and saved for different uses.
  • A file upload and download capability for use with data logs and configuration files.
  • Web configuration of all readers, the logger and the diagnostics page, as well as system set-up.

All of these components can be accessed programmatically or used as off-the-shelf product capabilities, depending on the needs of the customer.

The next release of the VDS, which will come in Q2 2014, will offer the following additional features:

  • ISOBUS, NMEA and CANOpen readers as well as CAN freestyle masking
  • Remote or local updates (flashloading) of STW controllers or telematics devices to facilitate continuous innovation in vehicle technology and informatics
  • Enhancements to real-time diagnostics to provide charting and other diagnostic tools
  • A fully configurable event management system for the logger
  • Web configuration of proprietary PGN/SPNs for J1939 readers

STW is working with leading OEMs in the off-highway marketplace to define and specify the next generation of telematics requirements both in hardware and software and expects the ESX-TC4, which should be prototyped in early 2015, to be a quantum leap in telematics technology. 

STW will be at CONExpo 2014, March 4 to 8 at booth 82812 to answer questions about its Telematics Suite, as well as control and measurement solutions.