Navistar introducing more fuel efficiency and telematics features for Class 8 trucks

Navistar is introducing new features for fuel efficiency, as well as new remote diagnostics capabilities for its OnCommand Connection system.

Navistar Inc. will highlight its most fuel efficient Class 8 truck specification and several new OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics features at the American Trucking Association's (ATA) Management Conference and Exhibition.
"Every percent of fuel economy improvement helps our customers and spec'ing a vehicle properly can make all the difference," says Jodi Presswood, Vice President and General Manager, Heavy-duty Truck Product Line. "Our ProStar with ISX15 coupled with the Eaton Cummins SmartAdvantage powertrain is our most fuel efficient Class 8 spec and our customers are already seeing impressive results."
The SmartAdvantage is a 10-speed Eaton Fuller Advantage automated manual transmission paired with the Cummins ISX15 engine. Providing significant benefits across the board for linehaul and regional haul fleets, SmartTorque2 ratings automatically sense vehicle weight, grade and operating gear to select the optimum torque to optimize fuel economy and performance. Cummins Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM) also helps maintain a more consistent acceleration rate to deliver a smoother experience for the driver and reduce wear on the driveline.
"Our relentless focus on uptime as a company, with OnCommand Connection at the epicenter of that activity, is really exciting," says Mike Cerilli, Vice President and General Manager, OnCommand Connection. "With our all-makes open architecture remote diagnostics solution, we're bringing connectivity to life in a results-oriented, bottom-line way. One of our fleet customers recently experienced a 28% reduction in down days and a 31% reduction in repairs by leveraging the vehicle health reports and repair recommendation data provided by the OnCommand Connection system, and we're just getting started with new feature development."
Beginning in November, Navistar will roll out new feature enhancements for its OnCommand Connection offering. New capabilities include a mobile app; customized geo-fencing capabilities enabling customers to filter their dashboards into geographic zones; and direct integration with major component suppliers beginning with Cummins. Integration with Cummins Connected Diagnostics will provide customers with the option of viewing Cummins recommendations via the OnCommand Connection portal.
Named by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine to its 2014 Top 20 Products list, OnCommand Connection was the first to offer a single remote diagnostics system using an open architecture system with a fleet's existing telematics providers making it all-makes compatible.

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