LHP Telematics releases version of its Equipment Intelligence web portal

The latest version of LHP Telematics' Equipment Intelligence web portal includes a variety of custom content such as customizable graphs and popups of asset data.

Asset Details feature
Asset Details feature
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LHP Telematics has released version of the Equipment Intelligence web portal. The new features include custom content, a last reported timestamp column in custom Fleet Views and Fleet Reports, a solution for any assets that send in reports with a bad GPS fix, customizable graphs in the Asset Performance Report, Latitude and Longitude on the Summary tab of the Asset Performance Report, a custom popup for asset data in the Asset Performance Summary, and improved telematics unit and SIM card inventory functions.

Custom Content allows users to create content that is unique to their Equipment Intelligence account, such as Training and News. Bulletins and announcements are default custom content types. When a new content type is created, a box for that content and its messages is added to the Home page. All messages created for that content type then appear in the box on the Home page. Custom Content adds another layer of customization to Equipment Intelligence.

The new release also includes the ability to add a Last Reported Timestamp column to custom Fleet Views and Fleet Reports. This allows users to see when exactly an asset last reported in to the portal, and can help figure out which assets are not reporting in.

Equipment Intelligence version also includes a fix for a report that is sent in with a bad GPS fix. If a report comes in to the system with a timestamp that is more than a year old, the system will assume that the telematics device had a bad GPS fix. It will then estimate a UTC time for that report and assign the estimated UTC time to the report. The report will then be marked with an asterisk in the Unit Data tab of the Asset Performance Report.

The new release also includes more new features in the Asset Performance Report. A new Track tab allows for customizable graphs based on received reports for the asset. Clicking on an asset’s name in the Asset Performance Report will open a popup Asset Details window. In addition to the Name, Make, and Model information, the Asset Details window also includes any Custom Field information for the asset. Latitude and Longitude of the asset’s last reported position on the Asset Performance Report Summary tab. When accessed on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, clicking on the Latitude and Longitude information will give you directions to the asset’s location.

Equipment Intelligence version also includes updated and improved SIM card and telematics unit inventory functions. Customers will be able to manage their SIM card and telematics device inventories, including selling devices and pairing SIM cards to telematics units.

Finally, a new customer level has been added to Equipment Intelligence. The Reseller account type is below the LHP Telematics root account and above OEM customer accounts. Resellers can create OEMs, Distributors and Customers, manage application packages, create custom content, manage users, and can sell down telematics devices to their sub-customers.