Mack Trucks launches fleet management services

The new Mack Fleet Management Services, available through Telogis, is a telematics system providing fleet and compliance management data.

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Mack Trucks has launched Mack Fleet Management Services, its suite of software and technology offerings that, initially through Telogis, enhance operational performance for customers, reduce costs and increase safety.

Built on the Mack GuardDog Connect telematics solution platform, Mack Fleet Management Services is available on Mack Pinnacle™, Granite® and Titan by Mack models. Factory-installed hardware provides detailed vehicle information, including fleet and compliance management data, and eliminates the need for aftermarket hardware purchases and installation costs. Mack’s first collaboration is with Telogis, a leading provider of cloud-based intelligence software. Mack will offer three packages – Telogis Compliance and Navigation, Telogis Fleet and a bundled package of the two. Mack Fleet Management Services will also offer the flexibility to work with multiple partners.

“Mack Fleet Management Services offer customers tools to effectively and efficiently manage their operations, improving their total cost of ownership,” says Stephen Roy, President of Mack Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. “Integrating technology and services facilitates customer choice and offers them the best return on investment. We are pleased to be working with Telogis out of the gate in providing these types of services.”

Telogis utilizes proprietary Mack data, including driver and vehicle performance history, for the initial Mack Fleet Management Services offer.  

Telogis Compliance and Navigation enable drivers to better manage and meet hours-of-service requirements and complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports. Telogis Navigation also delivers dynamically updated road conditions collected from an existing community of more than 140,000 commercial drivers in North America, enabling Mack customers to avoid potential delays and helping to increase on-time deliveries.  

Telogis Fleet is a comprehensive, scalable fleet management solution that can be activated over the air. Combined with Mack proprietary data, it provides real-time visibility into vehicle and driver performance. With Telogis Fleet, customers can view critical information for all the trucks in their fleets on one dashboard to help run their fleets safely and efficiently.

“Leveraging the Mack GuardDog Connect telematics solution platform, Mack customers now have the easiest path to comprehensive fleet management, easy-to-use compliance apps and truck-specific navigation from Telogis,” says Susan Heystee, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales at Telogis. “Mack customers will experience near-immediate ROI by maximizing uptime and lowering the total cost of ownership.”

The hardware, which is standard on Mack Pinnacle, Mack Granite and Titan by Mack models, is also central to the Mack GuardDog Connect telematics solution. GuardDog Connect enables real-time diagnosis of issues, proactive communication of decision-critical information for the fleet manager, scheduling for repairs and confirmation that needed parts are in stock and ready to install, all while the truck is still on the job.

Once GuardDog Connect is engaged, an automatic alert is sent to Mack OneCall, Mack’s 24/7 customer support center staffed by trained support specialists. Upon receiving the notification and while the driver continues working, the Mack OneCall team immediately evaluates the situation. A case is opened in the Mack ASIST web-based fleet service management platform, the owner or fleet maintenance manager is contacted and the repair planning process begins through a customer-chosen dealer.

This process includes verification that a bay and the necessary parts are available while Mack OneCall electronically sends repair instructions to the dealer. Every step of the process happens within minutes of the initial GuardDog Connect heads-up and is constantly managed by Mack OneCall. The end result is that technicians are fully prepared when the truck arrives, getting the customer back on the road faster. 

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