CLAAS Offering Telematics Standard on LEXION Combines

The 2017 CLAAS combines now come standard with telematics with three package options available, as well as feature a 4D Cleaning System to automatically compensate for rolling, hilly terrain.

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For more than 15 years, the patented Accelerated Pre-Separation (APS) Hybrid System has been at the heart of every LEXION combine sold throughout the world. It has made LEXION the most efficient combine harvester on the market and CLAAS is not messing with those core components anytime soon. They are, however, constantly adjusting the “tech” surrounding the separation and cleaning systems to make them ever more efficient.

One of the highlights of the new model series is an exclusive 4D Cleaning System, designed to automatically compensate for rolling, hilly terrain. “It’s easy to be efficient on flat land,” explains Jeff Gray, Product Coordinator for LEXION combines. “It’s on steep and rolling terrain where things can get challenging.”

The 4D Cleaning System on the LEXION combine is an active, multi-directional slope compensation system that uses rotor-cover plates to automatically compensate for combine side roll when harvesting with a field’s sloping terrain. Fore and aft pitch compensation are accomplished by automatically adjusting cleaning fan speed and the upper sieve gap.

As the combine leans, the axial louvers of the rotor cover-plates angle away from the slope optimizing the distribution of material dropping onto the rotor returns pan. This prevents material from building up on the low-side and overburdening the cleaning shoe causing increased grain loss. At the same time, cleaning fan speed reacts automatically to the forward travel angle of the combine by increasing speed to prevent material build-up in the front area of the cleaning system when harvesting downhill and slowing as the combine harvests uphill to prevent losses from the back end. In addition to fan speed adjustment, the 4D Cleaning System also opens the upper sieve automatically allowing the grain to pass through the sieve more quickly to minimize the potential for loss.    

While throughput is rarely a concern for the LEXION combine, aggressive harvesting in dense stands at high rates of speed can result in a sudden overload in the feederhouse, threshing/separation systems or chopper. To avoid overloading these systems, a new AUTO CROP FLOW function automatically senses heavy loads on the drives of these systems and takes action to prevent overloading. 

AUTO CROP FLOW responds to combine overloading in a step-by-step process to prevent downtime. Under manual operation (when not using the CRUISE PILOT throughput control system), AUTO CROP FLOW will automatically stop the feederhouse and header (via header brake), and disengage the separator when the combine senses a sudden overload.  If operating with the CRUISE PILOT throughput control system, AUTO CROP FLOW will:

  • gradually slow the combine’s ground speed to 1.0 mph to counter and recover from overloading
  • if unloading on the go, AUTO CROP FLOW will automatically disengage the unloading system to free up power to recover from overloading and
  • if overloading continues or is sudden, the processor will automatically shut down, stopping the feederhouse and header, and disengaging the separator. 

Telematics is now standard on every LEXION combine, with one season of Basic service provided. Advanced and Professional service packages are also available for additional costs. Those who desire the Professional Telematics package can now order a 3-year service plan with the purchase of their combine at a discounted rate.

In addition to Telematics, a free, 50-hour demo of the AE50 Award-Winning CEMOS AUTOMATIC separation and cleaning management system and CRUISE PILOT automatic forward travel control are now available from the factory. The systems are activated by the farmer and are based on threshing hours. Together, the two systems automatically adjust many of the separation and cleaning controls automatically, based on constantly changing crop conditions and throughput levels.

Other feature upgrades on the 2017 LEXION include a new LED work light package, including spot lights and distance lights for maximum visibility when burning the midnight oil.