Daimler Trucks Collaborating with AT&T and Microsoft Corp. on New Connectivity Solutions

Through the new partnerships, AT&T will provide cellular service for Daimler's new Detroit Connect Truck Data Center while Microsoft will help the company establish a new cloud-based back office environment for all Detroit Connect services.

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is announcing new collaborations with AT&T and Microsoft Corporation with the goal of delivering further enhancements to its Detroit Connect suite of connected vehicle services. AT&T will provide cellular service for the new Detroit Connect Truck Data Center, an intelligent piece of hardware that connects the truck to the Internet of Things. Exclusive to the new Freightliner Cascadia, the box out of Daimler Trucks global modular system provides communications capabilities for the Detroit Connect telematics system. This includes Detroit Connect Remote Updates, which enables over-the-air engine updates and powertrain electronic firmware update capabilities for customers, as well as the ability to integrate third-party telematics applications.

DTNA will also collaborate with Microsoft to establish a new cloud-based back office environment for all Detroit Connect services, including new features, such as Detroit Connect Remote Updates. The Microsoft Azure cloud platform helps process immense amounts of vehicle performance data in a secure way. 

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, member of the Daimler AG board responsible for Trucks and Buses, says “With about 400,000 connected vehicles worldwide, Daimler Trucks is by far the industry leader in connectivity. Our collaboration with technology leaders such as AT&T and Microsoft further enhance our ability to provide connectivity solutions to our customers in North America.”

Martin Daum, President and CEO of Daimler Trucks North America, says, “Daimler Trucks North America is an industry leader in innovative solutions and represents more than 40% of the long-haul trucking market in the NAFTA region. The Detroit Connect platform is a prime example of how Internet of Things connectivity can help improve efficiency, safety and performance in connected vehicles. Already today, more than 215,000 of our trucks in North America are online. With our new Cascadia this number will increase dramatically.” 

The new Freightliner Cascadia – most connected US-Truck ever 

In early September, DTNA presented its new flagship truck in the heavy-duty Class 8 market. The new Freightliner Cascadia sets new standards in fuel efficiency, safety technologies and latest connectivity solutions. In fact, it is the most connected truck Freightliner has ever built and sets the benchmark with an exclusively used platform. The new Detroit Connect Analytics provides users with on-demand, automated fuel efficiency and safety performance insights. The new DTNA connectivity platform will be available with start-of-production of the new Freightliner Cascadia in January 2017. It will be based on the brand new and worldwide-standardized Truck Data Center of Daimler Trucks. This is the basis for bringing electronic modules into vehicles in all markets and innovations to customers faster. 

Daimler Trucks is leading in connectivity 

Since the launch of FleetBoard 15 years ago, Daimler Trucks is constantly setting standards in the field of telematics. Daimler Trucks will invest around 500 Million Euro in connectivity features of its vehicles and new solutions by 2020. The goal is to boost performance in logistics and to make transportation of goods safer and more environmentally friendly.

More than 350 employees are working on the best solutions for customers of Daimler Trucks every day. Among the latest benchmarks are:

  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime, a preventive service product which helps avoid immobility cases, efficient management of repairs and maintenance, as well as real-time support for customer repairs, based on the continuous analysis of the data generated by the Mercedes-Benz Truck;
  • The FleetBoard Store for apps as an open platform which allows software experts from other industry partners such as body manufacturers, logistics companies and customers to contribute useful apps in order to make the entire transport business even more efficient overall;
  • The new FleetBoard Manager App offers all Mercedes-Benz truck customers simple, fast and free access to connectivity and provides helpful information – for example, the average fuel economy of the fleet, split up by road and stationary consumption with and without ancillaries, vehicle with best and poorest fuel economy etc.