Navistar OnCommand Connection Marketplace Set to Go Live

Navistar's OnCommand Connection Marketplace, an open-architecture platform offering tools and services to improve uptime will go live Friday, October 27.

Building on the success of its OnCommand Connection remote diagnostics solution for all makes and models, Navistar announces that the OnCommand Connection Marketplace will go live on Friday, October 27, 2017. The OnCommand Connection Marketplace is a new, open-architecture, cloud-based technology e-commerce platform for complete telematics services and a broad range of related driver support tools and will be open to customer-created and third-party apps. 

"The OnCommand Connection Marketplace is another way we are helping our customers become more profitable," says Michael Cancelliere, President, Truck and Parts. "The OnCommand Connection team developed the Marketplace to give drivers and fleet managers centralized and easy access to applications and other resources that aid in day-to-day operations."

The OnCommand Connection Marketplace is an e-commerce platform designed to be the central hub for the trucking industry, providing a variety of products, services, tools and insights to allow companies and drivers to operate more efficiently. All the products and services within the OnCommand Connection Marketplace are based on the principle of being open-architecture and providing the most useful information that customers need to run their businesses from one, easy-to-use place.

"Our goal is to provide our customers with the best overall connected experience and we're doing this by creating products and services that are open to everyone," says Terry Kline, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. "The OnCommand Connection Marketplace is designed to meet the same goal, regardless of what truck you own, what telematics solution you have installed, or what ELD you are using today. As the Marketplace expands, it will provide customers with opportunities to connect their trucks in new and exciting ways while gaining new insights that will improve their business."

The Marketplace will initially offer the OnCommand Connection Telematics solution and the certified OnCommand Connection Electronic Driver Log (EDL) app, which automates federal Hours of Service compliance requirements that are mandated for all carriers by December 18, 2017. OnCommand Connection Marketplace will also offer access to tools such as driver vehicle inspection reports and other capabilities to make the driver's job easier and more productive. These easy-to-access business solutions include offerings in the areas of telematics, fleet management, maintenance, diagnostics and service, data analytics, parts and accessories, driver support, safety, logging – even coupons and discounts for a favorite truck stop. In addition to the Marketplace, the Electronic Driver Log will be available online in both the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes store.

OnCommand Connection Marketplace complements OnCommand Connection, Navistar's industry-leading, open-architecture remote diagnostics system, which is already driving improved uptime for more than 325,000 vehicles. By integrating and interpreting vehicle health information from multiple telematics providers in an integrated, customer-friendly format, OnCommand Connection enables fleet users and other customers to achieve more efficient repairs and maintenance, better lifecycle value, and a lower total cost of ownership, giving them increased visibility into maintenance and repair needs and better control of their business. Now, OnCommand Connection Marketplace will offer new tools that support both companies and drivers with their day-to-day operations in a central, web-based ecosystem.

"The OnCommand Connection team is developing a number of new products and services that will be introduced to the Marketplace over the next 12-months," notes Cancelliere. "I'm extremely excited about what the Marketplace will provide and the opportunities it will bring drivers and fleets of all sizes."

OnCommand Connection Marketplace is available on Friday, October 27, 2017.