FPT Telematics Kit

The FPT telematics kit sends all information via GSM to a centralized cloud storage so users can easily receive and monitor engine parameters and alerts.

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FPT Industrial is introducing its telematics solution to meet the need for connected engines. 

  • Easy to install
  • Collects data via On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port
  • Sends all information via GSM to centralized cloud storage
  • GSM connection allows users to receive and monitor engine parameters and alerts
  • End users can access mobile app with user-friendly dashboard that shows key engine parameters, such as load, fluid levels and working hours, machine’s GPS position and service reminders
  • Enables maintenance intervals to be scheduled, optimizing uptime and potential malfunctions to be detected early
  • Web portal dedicated to fleet owners, dealers and OEMs provides additional information 
  • In addition to comprehensive set of engine parameters, service reminders (both maintenance alerts and fault codes) and GPS position, portal presents complete overview of equipment's mission and engine usage
  • OEMs, dealers and fleet owners can follow up specific requirements with tailored actions
  • Fleet monitoring enables advanced services and care, improving fleet management efficiency with a positive impact on overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 
  • Dedicated FPT Control Room offers tailor-made service to customers requiring specific focus on TCO reduction and Uptime optimization through remote real-time data analysis and proactive activation
  • OEMs and end users can receive predictive diagnosis to anticipate unexpected events and enable flexible maintenance

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