Telogis Telematics Platform

Freightliner to offer pre-wire option for Telogis telematics platform on its vocational trucks.

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Freightliner Trucks announces that it will provide its vocational customers with a Telogis telematics pre-wire option in its Cummins-equipped Business Class M2, 108SD and 114SD vocational trucks. Freightliner Trucks’ pre-wire option allows for a quick upfit of Telogis systems which include Telogis Fleet, a GPS-based fleet management system, and Telogis Route, a multi-vehicle route planning, optimization and scheduling system.

Telogis Route

  • Uses Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that is completely accessed through web browser to plan routes
  • Gives visibility of routing costs and provides instant feedback on route plans
  • Evaluates impact on bottom line before committing to change of plan
  • Accounts vehicle fixed and variable costs, fuel costs, regular and overtime labor costs
  • Provides current and future workload balancing
  • Enables business modeling to identify hidden costs and uncover savings opportunities
  • Easily integrates with other systems
  • Telogis Mobile dispatches scheduling to workers in the field

Telogis Fleet

  • Utilizes Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that is completely accessed through web browser to plan routes
  • Provides detailed maps for dispatch environments
  • Spatial clustering allows fleet managers to see entire fleet of thousands of vehicles on one screen and quickly drill down to a single vehicle 
  • Gives up-to-the-minute information
  • Seamlessly integrates with Telogis Route and Telogis Mobile for a complete end-to-end enterprise solution
  • Offers wireless and hardware independent platform





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