Fuel-Based GPS Tracking

Zonar's fuel-based GPS tracking system enables fleets to monitor fuel use and manage routes to optimize fuel efficiency.

Fuelreport 10656233

Zonar, provider of electronic fleet inspection, tracking and operations systems, announces the availability of a patent-pending technology that adds fuel as a fifth dimension to the firm’s HD-GPS reporting.

  • Adds fuel as fifth dimension to telematics platform
  • Determines sample rates based on geographical data as well as fuel consumption
  • Accounts for route and driving changes, such as frequent stops and turns
  • Helps fleets identify routes and lanes over which vehicles are most and least fuel efficient
  • GPS sampling density increases when fuel consumption increases, or “spikes,” and relaxes when fuel consumption decreases or is relatively static
  • Also transmits engine fault codes and verified electronic vehicle inspection data in real-time
  • Captures and transmits driver performance metrics including accelerating too quickly, hard braking, excessive idling, anti-lock brake system activation and roll stability control
  • Data is available instantly through secure, web-based Ground Traffic Control (GTC) fleet management portal
  • Presents data via dashboards, traditional reporting, text messages, email and screen pops 
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