Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Software

Case IH has released an update of its Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) software, providing users with even more functionality and capacity for efficient farming.

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Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) software is improved, offering more functionality and capacity to help producers farm more efficiently. Case IH worked with Farm Works information management solutions to create this software, which provides access to a complete range of desktop solutions for farm operations.

AFS View

  • Allows producers to view and track data with a customized list of farms and fields, which can then be shared with precision farming devices for data management
  • Can also be used to build a list of clients, farms, field names and inputs, such as supplies, equipment and operators
  • Data can be received from a wide variety of precision farming devices
  • Displays and prints yield maps, as-applied maps, coverage maps and more
  • Creates, views and prints job summary reports with details on individual jobs and can be upgraded for additional field reporting, accounting and mapping analysis

AFS Mapping & Records

  • Provides field record-keeping, mapping and analysis to help manage decisions about yield data, soil types, soil test results and hybrids
  • Field records can be entered for restricted-use chemicals, fertilizer applications and equipment maintenance
  • Data can then be used to generate simple, yet detailed, enterprise statements to track profitability on a field-by-field basis
  • Allows complete field records, including manual record entry
  • Provides enterprise costing and statements, accurate profit-mapping and Yield reconciliation by field
  • Enables map importing that automatically creates job-based field records
  • Additional features include crop purchaser delivery tickets reconciled with yield, Radio Data system (RDS) yield compatibility and yara sensor terminal support, including variable-rate application plans

AFS Books

  • Integrates all farm financial records for easy product-cost comparisons
  • Provides detailed enterprise statements for fields, livestock groups and equipment
  • Offers automated inventory tracking process for supplies, planted crops and harvested crops
  • Interactive account register allows users to edit transactions while still maintaining a full audit trail
  • Generates cash reports for taxes, market value and budgets for bankers while maintaining accrual reports for producers’ management use

AFS Water Control

  • Identifies optimal placement of tile and surface drains in both surface and subsurface water management projects
  • Combines three-dimensional views and water flow analysis tools to determine where surface ditches or subsurface tile lines should be installed
  • Drawing tools enable drawing of lines right over topographical field maps on-screen so users can lay out and design drainage tile by size, pipe type and phase, 
  • Minimum and maximum depth and optimum grade for each drain can be entered
  • Determines various watershed zones in fields to assist with main, submain and lateral pipe placement
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