LHP Telematics System

The LHP Telematics System uses Data Broker Middleware to collect all telematics information which is then accessible via the Equipment Intelligence web portal.

Equipment Intelligence
Equipment Intelligence
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LHP Telematics offers a wide variety of hardware options to cover every asset in a fleet.

  • Includes all assets and telematics units in the field, Data Broker Middleware, and Equipment Intelligence web portal
  • Data reported from devices enters Data Broker Middleware, where data is normalized so that all data looks the same, no matter what asset or telematics unit sent it
  • Data is then forwarded into the Equipment Intelligence web portal, where end users can quickly and easily find and consume the data they need

Data Broker Middleware

  • Set of middleware services that handles all communication with telematics units in the field
  • Protocol-agnostic, which allows LHP Telematics to support not only the binary protocol used in the Embedded Application, but also the large variety of protocols that hardware partners have created
  • Removes complexity of various protocols from the end user and normalizes the data so that it all looks the same no matter what unit sent it
  • Translates commands to a variety of devices that are supported 

Equipment Intelligence

  • One-stop location for all data reported from the telematics units 
  • User-friendly by presenting telematics data in an easy-to-understand format
  • Offers cross-platform capabilities that enable it to work on all major browsers and resize to smaller screens, such as tablets and smartphones
  • Features automated reporting, location history, and AEMP data feed integration
  • Allows creation of custom fleet views and reports, alerts, maintenance plans, job sites and geofences, and OEM equipment 
  • Includes ability to over-the-air-program (OTAP) telematics control units and add operating schedules to job sites
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