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LHP Telematics creates personalized machine connectivity solutions for construction and agriculture equipment OEMs. 

For manufacturers who recognize the financial benefit of staying connected with equipment end-users, the LHP telematics platform is “purpose-built” for OEMs and their dealer networks to support proactive sales of new equipment and aftermarket parts & services.

Unlike solutions designed for rental company operations, LHP’s architecture supports roles and permissions required to empower your dealer networks to personalize the customer experience and compete more effectively to win equipment sales.

LHP is a single SKU solution for a global problem. The only sub $200 hardware device on the market today with a dual CAN interface, LTE Cat 1 comms with roll back to 3G & 2G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth. Or, LHP can be hardware agnostic, providing an embedded application to seamlessly connect third party telematics devices to the telematics platform.

LHP’s turnkey solution enables you to go from white board to proof-of-concept in 30 days. You can rapidly gain the hands-on program experience you need to refine your digital strategy before committing the necessary resources. 

Transform your customer experience through a branded up-time center, become plug compatible with the digital requirements of National Rental Companies and remain connected to assets even when ownership changes hands.

Accelerate your digital journey with LHP Telematics. 

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