Design & Engineering Insights: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Cognitive Sealing Enables Predictive Maintenance

Trelleborg uses artificial intelligence to analyze sensor data that is captured around the seals and create a maintenance plan that will help prevent costly downtime.

Johannes Kunze von Bischhoffshausen, Manager, Digital Transformation at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says in the off-highway industry it is crucial to keep equipment running as reliably as possible. As such, the need for predictive maintenance which helps to avoid unplanned downtime is driving increased digitization in heavy-duty equipment.

Companies achieve this in many different ways, such as through the integration of sensors into components and systems which enables operational information to be gathered and thus maintenance planned. Trelleborg calls its overall approach to predictive maintenance for seals Cognitive Sealing. Artificial intelligence is used to calculate a health score by analyzing sensor data that is captured around the seals. This helps to better evaluate performance of the seal and plan maintenance. 

The company has created a dedicated website about Cognitive Sealing to provide even more insights into the use cases and benefits of utilizing this technology.