Digitisation in Mining

RCT examines the growth and significance of digitisation in the mining industry.

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In RCT’s latest white paper, it delves into the significant growth of the digitisation field and its importance in the mining industry now and in the foreseeable future. 

The two biggest changes the industry has seen to date in the progression of digitisation is the introduction of automation and information systems and it just so happens to be two areas that RCT excels. However, it is important to remember that digitisation encompasses many things (including mobile equipment, fixed assets, people and the environment), on so many levels; and it is not just simply about connecting to a network. 

Digitisation has seen processes on mine site change from a manual, paper-based operation to a digital platform (also known as the Connected Mine) that incorporates siloed systems, automation, AI, ML and DML to streamline operations and significantly improve business outcomes. 

This transformation has empowered companies to achieve positive outcomes in productivity, profitability, efficiencies and safety. 

The paper explores how RCT has done and continues to adapt its solutions to meet the growing demands of mining companies around the globe to empower businesses to remodel their strategies and business models for the better.