AerOpak mineral-insulated MI thermocouple cables

ARi Industries offers AerOpak mineral-insulated thermocouple cables.

Micableen 10155167

ARi Industries offers its AerOpak mineral-insulated (MI) thermocouple cable in an expanded assortment of sizes and sheath materials, providing a solution to the challenges of temperature measurement and electrical signal-sending in harsh, corrosive and other hazardous environments.

  • Thermocouple or conductor wires insulated with compacted ceramic powder, drawn and encased in a seamless metallic sheath material
  • Standard thermocouple or conductor cables up to 10-wire configurations available in various stainless steel, Hastelloy and Inconel sheath materials in OD sizes ranging from 0.020 to 0.750 in. dia.
  • Can be supplied for temperatures up to metal melt points of 2,600 F and over 1,000 ft. in length
  • Signal integrity is consistent over the longest length applications


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