FastWrap 2305

Federal Mogul introduces its FastWrap 2305 wire harness protection sleeve designed to protect sensitive wiring from exposure to sharge edges and abrasion.

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Federal-Mogul Corporation's Powertrain Segment has developed a versatile harness protection sleeve, called FastWrap 2305, that delivers multiple benefits including abrasion resistance, flexibility and ease of application.

  • Features integral adhesive strips for quick installation
  • Safeguards sensitive wiring from damage caused by exposure to sharp edges or mechanical abrasion from contact with other components
  • High-density weave construction delivers mechanical abrasion protection while maintaining exceptional flexibility for ease of installation and routing in even the most crowded engine compartments
  • Fabric is combination of polyester monofilament and multifilament yarns
  • Rated up to 150 C and resistant to all normal engine fluids
  • Adjustable overlap design accommodates variation in wire bundle diameter, allowing vehicle manufacturers to meet all abrasion protection requirements
  • Covers all wire bundle diameters from 8 to 40 mm with just three product sizes
  • Retains compact profile and high flexibility once installed, remaining firmly closed to provide full abrasion protection even when flexed or curved around objects
  • Accommodates variety of automotive, heavy-duty and off-highway applications
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