SHF-260 Highly Flexible Wire for Power Distribution

TE Connectivity introduces its SHF-260, a highly flexible wire designed for use in power distribution applications.

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TE Connectivity (TE) has introduced the SHF-260 highly flexible wire for power distribution applications within the aerospace, defense and marine markets.

  • Provides a combination of high temperature and high performance in wire insulation
  • Can be bent and routed in extremely tight areas
  • Able to run shorter distances, reducing stress on the contact, and reducing the mating and demating forces normally associated with large shell diameter circular connectors
  • Allows users to go up in AWG sizes and eliminate need to split power, where routing and bending previously prevented the user from doing so
  • Made with extruded polymer, making it more notch and abrasion resistant as well as mechanically tough
  • Easily strippable, requiring less force when cleanly removing the jacket
  • Reduces cost of installation and vibration stability
  • Available in 0 to 24 AWG size, with a nominal voltage rating of 1,000V
  • Features insulation resistance of a minimum of 50,000 Mohms/kft and insulation elongation of 150% minimum
  • Offers a minimum 10x bend radius
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