The KAMA Multifunctional Excavator

Kama1 11293359

KAMA is a multifunctional excavator that can automatically change its tool head to undertake different types of work efficiently. A rotating tool-changer library is positioned below the cabin which allows the tool to be quickly replaced. The variety of tools allows KAMA to undertake excavation, chiseling, drilling, crawling in mud, and so on. This flexible, compact, versatile excavator is suitable for urban construction and maintenance of local areas. It saves time and effort for its operator, and its purposely ‘friendly’ styling encourages a good response from city dwellers.

Design by:
Luxun Academy of Fine Arts
Prof. Haibin Du, Prof. Haiquan Hu, Yan Zhao, Ban Du
Red Dot: Best of the Best
Nominated for Red Dot: Luminary - the highest accolade for Red Dot Award: Design Concept