Product Design: Pantera DI6400 by Sandvik

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Surface Drill Rig for Mining

Mining around the globe is highly industrialized and oriented towards effectiveness. Against this backdrop, the design of the Pantera DI6400 surface drill rig meets the trend towards fully autonomous operation processes. As a multifunctional percussive drill platform, it can be used for both down-the-hole (DTH) and top-hammer (TH) applications. Its sophisticated concept delivers good drilling capacity and a high level of safety. The consistent design of all system elements is also impressive.
Taking advantage of automation technology, the rig facilitates a variety of different options. Thus one and the same platform manages both pit development and production drilling in open pit mines. Moreover, all drill variants share the same control system and are equipped with identical automation infrastructure. This means that not only the cost of training the rig’s operator but also the costs of maintenance are reduced. The drill rig is also surprising in that it features an appearance which, for devices in this product category, is unusually distinctive. The elegant lines and contours are harmoniously complemented by highly expressive product graphics. Based on a sophisticated and consistently multifunctional design concept, this surface drill rig thus facilitates effective operation processes – with an aesthetic appearance that sets new standards in mining work.

Statement by the jury

"The Pantera DI6400 boasts performance capability in every single detail. All components are fused into an overall design appearance with a distinctive appeal. This surface drill rig for mining features an elegance that is highly impressive in this category. The view onto the engine and how it is integrated into the exterior is fascinating. The interior offers users an experience of high comfort and safety."


Sandvik Mining, Finland

In-house design

Jan Petzold, Markus Reinikka, Finland