VCollab & Novus Nexus Partner to Propel End-to-End CAE Automation & Rapid Results Review

The pair puts smart rapid CAE results review into the hands of Novus Nexus users and opens the door for end-to-end automation for fast and efficient CAE analysis simulation and results interpretation.

V Collab

Visual Collaboration Technologies, Inc. (VCollab) and Novus Nexus announce a partnership to streamline CAE results review and sharing to further accelerate product development cycles. The cooperation puts VCollab’s Rapid Results Review technology into the hands of Novus Nexus simulation automation users, replacing traditional 2D CAE analysis reporting and sharing, all the while granting VCollab users the possibility to smoothly integrate automatic preprocessing into their CAE workflows.

In a step toward digital transformation, this end-to-end automated simulation environment greatly improves the availability and understanding of product performance data to enable better, faster design decisions.  Both Novus Nexus and VCollab solutions work with a broad range of solvers from leading vendors, allowing users to review and share CAE analysis results without leaving the CAE environment in which they are most comfortable.  

Bruce Webster, Ph.D., and Prasad Mandava, both CEOs and presidents of Novus Nexus and VCollab respectively, suggest that having VCollab’s report generation capability baked into Novus Nexus’ end-to-end simulation automation strategy puts incredible flexibility and power into the hands of both design engineers and simulation specialists at every stage of the product development cycle.