Ag Machinery Conference encourages idea sharing, innovation

Through continuing education classes, technical sessions and excellent keynote speakers, the 2012 Ag Machinery Conference offers a look at current technology successes, as well as future opportunities in agriculture.

Agricultural Machinery Conference Waterloo Ia Attendee Information

Once again, the AMC brings together industry veterans with new-to-the-industry engineers for casual conversation and idea sharing opportunities. The technical sessions covered ever-present industry issues like hydraulic system advancements, tier 4 and biofuels, while also featuring several focused on out-of-the-box innovation and engineering concepts.

One in particular that stood out was a session called "Lies, Secrets & the Evolution of Sprayer Hydraulics" presented by Kurt Dannehl of Fasse Valves. He called to light advancements being made in the agricultural industry like seed development for perrenial crops (What does that mean for a sprayer or seeder?) and vertical farming (how can you most effectively harvest vertical gardens?). 

The session was different -- Kurt's background is as a psychologist -- but it was fun to let your mind wander trying to find a solution to these yet-to-be-widely-accepted ideas. Isn't that what engineering is all about? Creating a solution that is embraced (think: "How did we ever live without it?") rather than scrambling for a solution (re: Tier emission regulations).

I'm already excited for next year's AMC taking place May 6 - 8. What sessions or topics do you see being important next year?