Flextec 650 Multi-Process Welder

Lincoln Electric introduces its Flextec 650 multi-process welder for use in heavy-equipment and construction environments.

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The Flextec 650 multi-process welder from Lincoln Electric delivers up to 650 amps of welding power. 

  • FLEXible TEChnology allows welders to use a variety of processes – stick, Touch Start TIG (DC), MIG, flux-cored CV submerged arc and arc gouging
  • Features inverter-based technology
  • Rated at 650 amps at 100% duty cycle with a robust amperage range of 10 to 815 amps
  • Weighs 165 lbs. in a case that measures 21.83 in. high x 16.3 in. wide x 29.33 in. deep
  • Flexible multi-process capability for handling the widest range of welding applications
  • Offers low power consumption 
  • Includes selectable hot start for extra starting amperage
  • Features faster arc response with variable arc control
  • Remote control operated by a foot pedal or hand control up to 100 ft. away
  • IP23 and Desert Duty rated
  • Welding outputs are rated for extreme temperature operation up to 55 C
  • PC boards stand up to dust and humidity
  • Fan-As-Needed feature reduces power consumption, dirt intake and damaging thermal cycling
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