Nominees Announced for KWF Innovation Medal

Nominees have been announced for the KWF Innovation Medal, an award for innovative developments in the forestry industry.

At the 16th KWF-Tagung (June 13 to 16, 2012 in Bopfingen, Germany), the “Kuratorium für Waldarbeit und Forsttechnik e.V.” (KWF) will award innovative developments in forestry with the KWF Innovation Medal. The sixth instance of the prestigious innovations competition attracted well over 100 applications by exhibiting companies and institutions. Expert committees in the various disciplines have now evaluated them and named 28 medal candidates in eight categories. The award ceremony will take place on June 13 at 3 PM on the fairgrounds of the KWF-Tagung.

The 28 nominees are divided into the categories of “Work safety,” “Bioenergy,” “IT,” “Short timber harvesting,” "Long timber harvesting,” “Municipal technology,” “Transport technology” and “Forest establishment and forest management.” A specialist jury will select the winner in each category just before the award ceremony.

Among the nominees in the category of work safety are a new cut-resistant inlay (Rökona), summer pants that provide protection against cuts (EVG Sulzberg), a new sole for work safety shoes with extendable steel claws (Grube KG) and an accessory for the “Darmstadt winch technology.”

In the category of Bioenergy, a collective multi-tree fuel wood device (Allan Bruks AB), a firewood saw with a very high power (Posch) and a more efficient homogeneous dryer (S & Ü) have been nominated.

The following have been nominated for a KWF Innovation Medal in the IT category: a digital log identification system using RFID (Föller), a laser caliper gauge (Grube KG), and a system for automatic quantity determination in stacks of timber (Wahlers).

The nominees in the category of Short wood harvesting are a system for more efficient crane operation (Cranab), an innovative crane for heavy timber harvesters (HSM), a skid trailer with an hydraulic overrun brake and an auxiliary brake (Pfanzelt) as well as a combination basket that can be quickly adapted to long or short wood (Welte).

The category of Long wood harvesting consists of a cable crane cab system (Conrad), a precision control system for a forestry winch (Pfanzelt) and a special support cable for long distance tracks and yarders (Teufelberger).

In the category of Municipal technology, a special tire (Street-Rubbers), a sickle mower for maintaining young growth (AS-Motor) and a work platform for use in all types of terrain (AST GmbH – mecaplus) are vying for a KWF Innovation Medal.

The category Transport technology also has three nominees: a new concept in long timber transport (combined positive steering and self-steering; Doll), a truck/trailer system for the combined transport of logs and bulk materials (Krämer) and a turning cradle trailer roller belt wagon (Krampe).

In the category of Forest establishment and forest management, a combination canister system for gasoline, oil, and a first aid kit (Aspen), a telescopic rod for marking wood (Martens), a hydraulic cutting aid (Till) and a radio-controlled forestry mulcher (Irus) have been nominated.

In the presentation of the winners, which will have a strong audience appeal, the nominated candidates will be presented once again to the press and the public in words and pictures. Then the winner will be awarded. The in-depth evaluations of the committees of experts will provide the industry with valuable information on innovations and trends in forestry technology.

During the trade fair, visitors and the press will receive a list of the nominees and the innovations; this will be a practical roadmap with the most important stations for planning their visit to the fair. At the fairgrounds, all nominated products can be identified by special signs indicating “nominated medal candidates.”