Timken Reduces Waste And Energy Use

Timken reduced waste and energy use in its steelmaking operations by recycling 1.6 Million tons of scrap metal.

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In 2010, The Timken Company transformed 1.6 million tons of scrap metal - the equivalent of 1.3 million junk cars - into some of the cleanest, strongest steel on Earth. This Timken steel is made from nearly 100% recycled content, which includes 350,000 tons of recycled scrap metal from Timken operations.

"Timken makes a positive impact on the world not only because of the types of products we make, but how we make them," says Alan Oberster, vice president of environmental, health and safety. "Our steelmaking process is a great example of this. We create value by making products the world needs, and by making our steel out of scrap, we conserve natural resources while putting mountains of waste to good use."

Oberster added that being green is not new to the company, founded by Henry Timken in 1899 on the development of products designed to enable energy-efficient operation of vehicles and machinery. Timken's technology base has expanded widely since, with a portfolio that includes specialty steel alloys engineered for performance in hard-working machinery, and a full complement of power transmission components and systems. These technologies are mission-critical to energy-saving, efficient power applications, from wind turbines, to air, rail and truck transport, to advanced industrial equipment.

Timken also demonstrates industry leadership in efforts to reduce energy and waste in its operations:

  • In 2010, Timken diverted 20,350 tons of electric-arc furnace dust from landfills, capturing and recycling the dust byproduct of the company's steelmaking process. Timken's steel manufacturing relies on energy-efficient electric technology that is a green alternative to blast-furnace or basic oxygen-furnace methods.  
  • The company continuously invests in technologies that reduce the amount of electricity needed to produce its steel. Timken has cut the amount of energy needed to produce steel ingots by 27 percent since 1990.  Based on 2010 production alone, the electricity saved is enough to power 11 million homes for a day.
  • At its Canton, OH-based steel facilities, Timken recycles 30 million gallons of water waste each day through a closed-loop recycling process, enough to fill 45 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

In recognition of Earth Day, the company has posted videos on the Timken YouTube channel featuring recycling in its steelmaking process and green jobs in the company. A wind turbine animation shows how Timken's technologies work inside these massive systems to harness the wind's natural energy.